A LAMP stack with Nginx is a LEMP stack

It's Called a LEMP Stack

LEMP stack not LNMP stack

For years I’ve referred to a stack consisting of Linux, Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB, and PHP/Python/Perl as a LEMP stack. While using LEMP might seem odd at first, it actually makes a lot of sense given that Nginx is pronounced “engine x.” While I knew from my own searching that the term wasn’t heavily used, I didn’t really think too much of it.

I recently had an exchange with an individual who was familiar with Nginx but was convinced my referring to LEMP stacks was a mistake:

I have no idea what a LEMP stack is. Specifically, I don’t have a clue what the ‘E’ might stand for. Most of the FOSS stacks I’ve seen use either Apache (LAMP) or Nginx (LNMP, although I’ve rarely seen this acronym). I would chalk it down to a typo except that you’ve used it 3 times. If it wasn’t a typo, then either it is a new Web server technology most people haven’t heard of yet, or you got the details wrong

A quick search for “LEMP stack” returns almost 19,000 results and “LNMP stack” returned 9,000. Both are far from the 600,000 associated with “LAMP stack.” I can understand why some would use LNMP, but it’s frustrating that users are split in their terminology.The only places on Nginx’s site that I can find referencing LEMP at all are links to a couple external articles on the wiki and user posts on the forum.

I’ll keep using LEMP stack when I’m talking about a stack substituting Nginx for Apache. As for LNMP, well, that’s just a terrible name. Are there other names used out there?

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  1. The reason it’s referred to as a “LEMP” stack is that “nginx” is pronounced “Engine X”; therefore, the E stands for Engine.

    So essentially:
    Linux, EngineX (nginx), MySQL, PHP

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