Configuring Nginx for CiviCRM

Nginx configurations for use with CiviCRM.

For almost a year now I’ve been hosting CiviCRM instances for a couple clients. This has resulted in quite a bit of troubleshooting and experimentation with file permissions and Nginx configuration. Unfortunately, most of the documentation I’ve been able to find out there seems to assume you’ll be using Apache and the source is full of .htaccess files.

To help fill the void for guides on configuring Nginx for CiviCRM, I’ve put a variation of my current WordPress configuration on GitHub. As I work more with Drupal, I’ll add those configuration files as well. The repository name is simply CiviCRM-Nginx

The configuration files aren’t yet optimized, but I hope that will come with time. I welcome pull requests to help develop this resource for the CiviCRM community. If you come across an issue or notice something missing, please feel free to contribute.

GitHub: CiviCRM-Nginx 

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