Author: James Bradach

  • How your NFT’s may be tracking you

    How your NFT’s may be tracking you

    NFTs have been all the rage these days, but did you know the NFT in your wallet could be collecting information about you? This information could include your IP address, operating system, and geography. All it takes is the creator placing an image URL in the NFT ‘s metadata that points to a machine they […]

  • Bridging Funds to Gnosis Chain

    Gnosis Chain, formerly xDai Chain, is an execution-layer EVM chain for stable transactions. Rather than using Ethereum to pay for gas fees, it uses the xDai stablecoin. Transactions cost just a few cents and running a validator requires only 1 GNO making staking much more accessible. Dai can be bridged from Ethereum using the official…

  • Crowdsourcing Nonprofit Service and Tool Discounts

    When those of us working in the nonprofit space think of nonprofit discounts, we often think of sites such as TechSoup. While that’s a great resource with a large number of discounts for many of the large mainstream vendors, there are many more digital tools and services that offer nonprofit discounts directly as well. Often…